Interview with Japanese Reporter

We were very honored to be interviewed on Saturday by Naoatsu Aoyama from Japan. He wanted to learn more about agriculture in North Alabama for his newspaper, so they reached out to R & L Farms to learn more about bees and their effect on the area.
The Asahi Shimbun (Morning Sun Newspaper) is one of the 4th largest newspaper in Japan and by print circulation the 2nd largest in the world. How they found us is crazy, but we were happy to have him as a guest and show him around the farm.
We invited some wonderful friends who are also farmers so Naoatsu could interview them and gather even more data for his paper. Andy Starnes discussed cattle farming and George Burmeister explained about row crops.
As soon as the article was published, I thought I would be able to share with you clips from the paper.  Unfortunately they weren't able to translate it to English!
However, we were thrilled to be a part of his article and share some insight on agriculture in North Alabama.